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Turning Your Lawn Vision Into a Reality

Creating beautiful, head-turning lawns take time. The lawn’s layout must be properly designed with the grass and the plants being located where they will have room to grow. However, when you plant grass the traditional way using seeds, it can take quite some time for you to reap the rewards. If you don’t want to spend a long time waiting for the grass to grow, installing sod will quicken the process.


Benefits of Using Sod for Your Landscaping Project

  • Fast results — You can see the difference immediately. You'll want to wait until it takes root before engaging in normal lawn traffic, but visually, you have grass instead of dirt right away.

  • Speedy establishment — With proper watering and care, your new sod will take root within two to three weeks.

  • Quick erosion control — Sod is ideal for slopes or areas prone to erosion. It starts holding the soil in place right after you put it in place.

  • Flexible planting season — You can lay sod at any point during the growing season except during periods of high heat. There are peak periods for planting certain types of grass, so be sure to check with our knowledgeable professionals.

  • Fewer weeds — Our quality, state-certified sod has few or no weeds. Since it's already growing, it can outcompete the weed seeds that will attempt to take root.

  • Short waits for normal traffic — You can use your lawn normally once the sod takes root. You can play, entertain, and turn pets loose on the lawn much sooner than you can if you wait for seeds to grow.

Lets Create a Beautiful Lawn for you Today

You should think about installing sod because it can:

  • Give you a thick, green lawn in just two to three weeks

  • Increase the value of your property

  • Help reduce your water bills

  • Prevent soil erosion

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