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Landscape lighting from Royalty Lawn Services, an AMP® Lighting Authorized Professional can enhance the beauty and safety of your home. Safety is the most important benefit of landscape lighting. By placing lighting in all the right places, outdoor lighting can truly transform the look of your outdoor living space at night. With Landscape lighting, flowerbeds and trees take on a new beauty, pathways are illuminated, patios, arbors and pool areas liven up and moonlight is cast on to the yard from the treetops.


Our Landscape Lighting Designer at Royalty Lawn Services will install a professional grade lighting systems that artfully illuminate the beauty and safety of your outdoor living space, which also comes with a Lifetime warranty.

AMP® (6) AggregatePro Spotlight (4) MagnumPro Path Light Kit

Model # BDL-AKIT-402

$1,459.94 (Lighting & Installation)

Complete landscape lighting kit. Includes 6 AggregatePro Spotlights and 4 MagnumPro Path Lights - ideal for lighting entries to paths or entryways, bushes, trees, house facades, and architectural features.
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