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We are looking for:

  • Friendly & Positive Workers - We are a NO DRAMA zone!

  • Reliable and trustworthy.

  • Energetic and enthusiastic.

  • Hard-workers that Finish all assignments & Task.

  • Likes to work solo but can get along with other team as well.

  • Can read and speak English - Bilingual is a PLUS.

  • Legal to work in the US

  • Has reliable transportation

  • Can pass a background. Not all disqualify so please be honest.


  • Weekly pay and TIPS are paid DAILY!

  • Bonuses & raises!

  • No experience needed. We pay to certify you!

  • All supplies and equipment supplied, all you have to do is show up for work! Solo contractors with your own supplies and equipment is a PLUS.

  • Advancement opportunities means you can become a leader and earn more $$!

  • We schedule around the radius you live in and pay extra if you drive further.

  • We pay a % of each appt, not hourly. This enables you to be in charge of how much you make!

Available Positions


Landscape Laborers work as a unified member of the team under the supervision of Management personnel. They are responsible for completing landscape maintenance jobs with highest level of quality and efficiency. This includes the use of push mowers, zero turn mowers, gas trimmers, blowers, hand tools, and driving vehicles with a trailer.


  • $12.00-$16.00 Based on Experience.

  • Landscapers average between $480.00-$640.00 per week. Plus tips, Bonuses & Service Sales Commissions. 

Residential & Commercial Maid/Cleaner

Our home cleaning providers are responsible for cleaning our customer’s homes including bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and other living spaces... additional tasks such as "deep cleanings", oven cleanings, window and blind cleanings, etc. are sometimes requested.

The ability to provide top-notch customer service and meet RLS standards of cleaning.

A successful clean involves teamwork, communication, being on time, honesty, and the ability to provide great customer service.


  • Our pay is percentage based, NOT hourly. You make more money this way! We pay cleaners 40% to 60% of each sale, based on the # of beds/baths, the size of the house, and additional tasks such as windows, ovens, dishes, etc.

  • Cleaners average between $420.00-$720.00 per week. Plus tips.


  • Set your schedule by choosing the jobs you want

  • Choose to work individually or with a team of your choosing

  • Travel directly from home to job site - no need to check-in at an office

  • Paid by Direct deposit or Check

  • Work with a company that truly cares about both cleaners and customers!

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