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Fertilizing & Weed Control

To keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, it is important to follow through with the appropriate maintenance. Following a schedule with each step laid out at the appropriate time of year will help to remedy potential turf problems, treat and prevent weeds, pests, and more. Keep your lawn looking its best by working on it all year round.

Fertilization helps to keep your lawn healthy and maintain that desired green color. It's important to apply fertilizer at the right time of year and at the right amount, otherwise you will end up with a mediocre lawn. Over-fertilization can cause random patches of long grass, giving your lawn an uneven look. Under-fertilization can cause sparser, less full looking lawns, and makes it easier for weeds and disease to take hold.


While most fertilizers out there only feed your turf, ours also enrich your soil, making everything thrive and grow at a healthy rate. Well cared for soil allows your grass to better defend itself against disease, drought, and other stresses that attack your lawn throughout the year.


Pre-emergent products kill weeds before they are able to grow above the soil. It is important to apply pre-emergents just before the soil reaches 55+ degrees, just before the seeds begin to germinate in the soil. Timing is very important!


Post-emergent products kill already-growing weeds.

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